Warning: Life can get you in the back

I won’t begin to claim that I understand life or how to go about it. Nor will I just say that and go on to explain it anyways. But If there is anything I have noticed its that its a wave or a crescendo of some sorts where reaching the top means that you expect some sort of drop or fall. However, the beauty of life is you get to pick how bad the fall is and how much it can effect you. That all depends on your perspective and how much you can trust yourself to get back up after a hard fall because they’re bound to happen. But then again all this is easier sad then done and falls are relevant. To me it killed when I had a huge fight with my brother I literally felt my heart ache but right across the world at the same moment someone might have lost a brother, sister, son or mother. Are these comparable? Of course not. Are they both falls? Yes. 

You aren’t tested with what you cannot handle so if it happened to you then you can handle it. So know that, internalize it and try to use that as your solace every time you fall. I know I will… hopefully.